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Thrilla in the Villa

Location: Le Chalet, Grand Case, St. Martin


Thursday night was our last hurrah here on St. Martin. We started with fondue and Raclette at Le Chalet, which was phenomenally tasty. Even though it was 80 degrees, it was still easy to imagine ourselves in the French Alps, carefully scraping off the Raclette as it melted, smothering the perfectly smooth potatoes. I'm a big fan of interactive food, and this was a great experience. Steve had always claimed that he didn't like fondue, but now that he has met fondue bourguignonne, where you put tasty morsels of meat into boiling hot red wine, and then dip it in yummy sauces, well, I think he's finally come around. 

After dinner, we hit Calmos Cafe. Where else would we spend our last evening here? We were with Kristin and Marc, and met up with our other friends Jenn and Mark, and finally got to introduce them all. Jenn has some friends from NY in town as well, and next thing you know, we had the largest game of apples to apples you've ever seen. Jenn proved herself yet again to be a masterful play-ah. True to form, we were partying till almost 2am. It was a good thing we had decided to give ourselves two final days to recover before our flight. 

Ever since we've been in Grand Case, we've been eyeing up this Villa up the hill. We had taken a tour early on, and it's a beautiful 3-bedroom with its own pool and a great open floorplan. We've been thinking about coming back and spending some serious quality time, because, you know, six weeks wasn't enough this time around ;). 

So yesterday we had a generous opportunity to spend one of our last nights up there, to check it out. It was a last minute decision, and we were warned - it was cleaned about a week ago, which means it was going to be clean, but not pristine. We were also warned that the exterminator comes religiously every month, so though we may encounter critters, they *should* all be dead, or close to it, and in general that was true.

When we arrived, and opened everything up (the living room literally folds open), we knew we were home. We stocked up at the grocery store and hunkered down to enjoy our final days here. The pool at the villa is perfectly situated to catch the rays, while being a private little oasis. We took full advantage. We had our foie gras, brie and baguette for lunch. For dinner, I cooked up some chicken pesto crepes, cracked open some chateau margaux, and we settled in for the evening, wondering whether or not we really were going to be on that flight on Sunday. The jury is still out.

Everything was brilliant up until it was time to get ready for bed. While sitting in the bathroom, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a movement. Not a small movement. A significant movement. In fact, it turned out to be the largest centipede I've ever seen, at least 8 inches long, and it was most definitely NOT dead. In fact, I think it used one of its many, many feet to give me the finger as it ran out toward the bedroom. Since no one had been up to clean the villa before we arrived, it was probably surprised and annoyed to find an invasion force. 

Of course I screamed. What else could I do? I was half naked, and defenseless. Steve came running. We chased the centipede under the bed, then back out again toward the bathroom, screaming all the while like insane people. Luckily the villa doesn't have close neighbors or the police would have been called for a domestic dispute. This centipede was definitely not on the verge of keeling over. In search of a weapon, Steve grabbed one of the wooden stakes that you use to bar the sliding glass doors, and started to hack at the centipede. The first chop took off its head. But still it writhed, threatening us, taunting us, and I swear I heard it say "come back here you coward, it's merely a flesh wound!" It was in at least six pieces before it finally seemed to give up the ghost. Its guts were splattered all over, including on Steve's legs, making it look like the scene of a bloody massacre. 

Time for bed? Are you kidding? Actually, though I did wake periodically to fluff the sheets and confirm there were only two of us sharing the bed, I got way more sleep than I expected.

After almost six weeks on the island, with only one previous minor centipede sighting outside on the path, I feel like I've now been fully indoctrinated into the island ecosystem. We survived, and are undaunted in our love of this island, and this villa.

Today is literally our last full day here, and I don't even know what to do with myself. There are so many things I probably should do, like start to pack (which is going to take FOREVER as we've completely settled into our room), but I just can't get motivated to face it. We're still at the villa, enjoying the open air and private pool. Our flight isn't until the afternoon tomorrow, so we've got time, right? Or is this a prelude to saying F!#!@k it? Either way, I'm in complete denial. 

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