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L'Estaminet: Excellent (the first time around)

Location: L'Estaminet, Grand Case, St. Martin (I think)


Is it possible to die from a hangover? I broke my streak Friday night of not puking from drinking. While puking, I asked my also-drunk husband to bring me some water. He brought the water bottle from the fridge... unfortunately it was the one I had been using to store chicken stock. I may have woken up the neighbors with my profanity, while he had to go outside on the balcony so he could laugh hysterically. So cruel. Yesterday was an ugly, ugly day.

From what I recall, Friday night was a blast. We went out to dinner at L'Estaminet with our friends Kristin and Marc and their friends Bergitte (Biggie) and Nico, and it was delicious and great fun.

L'Estaminet has recently captured the #1 rating on Trip Advisor for all of St. Martin, and we were all looking forward to trying it. I had the gazpacho as an appetizer, mostly because I wanted the duck for my main course, and the other appetizer that looked good was the duck rillet, and even for me that seemed like a lot of duck. The gazpacho was smooth and tasty, with some kind of lightly fluffed cheese on top. My duck breast was perfectly cooked, with a delicious sauce. There were little mounds of souffled sides, I think one was sweet peas and the other cauliflower, which I thought were good but Steve practically licked his plate. In this case, the presentation of the dishes was well thought out (though not as over-the-top as Le Cottage), and the food was phenomenal.

One of the interesting things we've found, or not found, is that no one here offers port. I don't really know why, because they have tons of dessert wines, but no port. However, everyone offers some kind of after-dinner rum digestif. In this case, it was a sweet concoction of run, coffee and chocolate, that you drink as a shot. They brought us two rounds... and I drank both mine and Kristin's, which is when I suspect all the trouble began...

It was also around this time that we started getting a little rowdy. I admit, my voice carries, and for some reason carries more when I've been drinking (surprise, surprise). As it turns out, Kristin is similarly endowed. We were getting some rather dirty looks from the French couple across the way. 

After dinner, we headed, as usual, to Calmos Cafe, where luckily you can be as loud as you want on the beach, and no one bats an eye. We proceeded to teach our new friends Mafia. Or at least we attempted to. I'm not sure Mafia really translates to French, but it was fun trying. I forgot that Marc had brought his camera until the next day when I saw the pictures of just how trashed we all were. At least no one had to get in the water to rescue any wayward Frenchmen. 

Yesterday was therefore yet another write-off of a day. I woke up at 6am curled up on the bathroom floor - always a sure sign that the night before was fun, and the day ahead of you is going to SUCK. And then I saw that bottle of chicken stock and almost retched again. 

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Reader Comments (3)

Okay, so it my not be possible to die from a hangover, but I thought I was going to die laughing at the story... The pictures are just icing! Love you Minnith!

March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKeena

Steve is still in deep shit for bringing me chicken stock. Seriously deep shit. The sad thing is that I was thinking to myself, as I was raising the bottle, that we don't have any bottles of water anymore... but sadly, my thinking was well slower than my desire to drink the "water" :(

March 15, 2010 | Registered CommenterLucinda

I never knew your voice carried.

March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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