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the dangers of drinking with divers

Location: Hibiscus Restaurant & Zen It Beach, Grand Case, St. Martin

Last night we decided to "take it easy." The night before we'd been out late at Calmos Cafe, and we needed a break, even though it was "Mardi," the weekly celebration night in Grand Case. We decided to order pizzas for delivery the way we did last week - yummy, proper French pizzas, with ultra thin crust and the pepper oil.

But the pizza place didn't answer. Events conspired against us. Mistakes were made.

We've decided we're going to work our way south down the Boulevard Grand Case, and diligently post reviews of each restaurant. First up: Hibiscus.

Hibiscus has an unassuming little sign, just before you hit the thick of Grand Case. It's not on the beach, but tucked into a quaint, quiet little house across the street. It was wonderful. Delicious. We had a refreshing, reasonably priced bottle of Sancerre (ok, we started out with the half bottle, but it suddenly looked so small, and somehow instead of drinking less, that meant we ordered a full bottle afterwards). The Salad Caprese was traditional, no crazy stunts, and it was delicious, with a huge chunk of fabulous mozzarella. The olive oil for dipping the hot roll was zesty and spicy. Steve's lobster ravioli were to die for - I always know when his dish is good because he waits until the very end to offer me a bite. My duck tagliatelle, with parmesan and truffle oil, was light and tasty. 

But the highlight, by far, was dessert. Chocolate. Five ways. Six, if you count the Chocolate Grappa we drank with it. Chocolate mousse, flowerless chocolate cake that was all hot and gooey inside (this one caused the most spoon fighting), chocolate profiterole, chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate ice cream... oh my! It was outstanding. 

All told, it was a phenomenal dinner. The restaurant is an Italian family affair - husband in the kitchen whipping up magic, wife serving up the dishes with panache and verve. We were amused and fed, all at the same time. The wife regaled us with tales of the local male tabby cat, with whom she has a long-running battle, and who sauntered into the restaurant like he owned the place, while she was in the kitchen. It's too bad she didn't come out while he was still there, as I think it would have been a spectacle to see.

After dinner, we should have gone home. We were taking it easy, after all. But we were right across the street from Calmos Cafe, and thought, well, we'll just wander by for a quick nightcap of Banana Vanilla Rum. In truth, we were revisiting the scene of the crime from the night before. 

While sitting at the bar, sipping our nip of sweet local rum, our new friends Jen and Mark from the local dive shop showed up. They were there with some friends just arrived from Brooklyn, and a couple of the divemasters who had a rare day off today. We should have known better... 

But we didn't. We were lured by the siren song. Next thing you know, we were next door at Zen It, lounging on the beach in the moonlight, drinking our hearts out, speaking French... and then suddenly we were over at Blue Martini, the only nightclub in Grand Case... 

Before we knew it, it was 1am and we were stumbling up the path to our hotel. I tell you this: divers know how to drink.

I'm scheduled to go for a dive on Friday morning at 8am with these guys, and I will definitely NOT be drinking with them the night before... I'd never make it.

Though, we are invited to their Friday night "Ta-Cousteau" a celebration of all things Taco and Jacques Cousteau... what could go wrong?

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did u say banana vanilla rum? gotta get me some of that! sounds like fun was had by all!

February 24, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkelly

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