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When are you going back to the Caribbean?

Ah, yes, this is the million dollar question, now isn't it? When are we going back to the Caribbean? We started a company that is all about traveling in the Caribbean. So what are we doing in Berkeley, CA?

Well, first of all, when you throw every aspect of your life up in the air at the same time, sometimes it takes a little longer than you'd like to get it all to fit back together again. Me, I'm impatient. Really, really impatient. So I want to make a decision and move on. Maybe even if it's the wrong decision. 

Steve smartly rebels against this drive to make huge decisions without really thinking through the consequences, like selling our house just because it seems like a good idea at the time. Or buying a house on the first Caribbean island we visited. 

So our problem of the past couple of months isn't that we lack a plan. It is that we have a plethora of plans. We come up with a new plan almost every morning at breakfast. And initially, each plan feels right. Then we spend the next day or week chasing after this plan before we realize it doesn't actually work. Our assumptions turn out to be faulty... like the idea that we can buy a mansion in DC or Annapolis, probably on the water or in the most desirable neighborhood, all for less than $1 million.

Faulty assumptions. Definitely the bane of my existence right now. If only thinking it could make it true...

We've already gone through more plans than I can possibly count, and it's sometimes unfair to the people we tell about them when they fall apart, so we're trying not to involve others in our drama quite as much. 

So here we are. Struggling with the fact that we actually do love our house, and what we have here in Berkeley, while at the same time, we want to travel the Caribbean and create our travel guide.

There's a lot of inertia keeping us here. I don't mean that in a negative way. I mean that in the sense of inertia keeping us from tossing away a life we've spent years nourishing just because we ran into a roadblock. 

The good news is we don't have to make a decision immediately. That's the part that has been driven largely by my impatience, and I'm finally getting a grip on how exhausting it is to try and force that kind of huge change. So... the new mantra... patience, patience. It will all become clear in time.


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