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Day One

Location: Berkeley, CA

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives...

Yesterday was my last day at the Gap. After a final day of exit interviews, heartfelt goodbyes, turning in my employee discount card (sadness!) and, appropriately enough, send off cheesesteaks (thanks Dave!), I packed up the car with the remnants of my desk and headed back over the bridge.

How did we celebrate? Last night we drank great wine, indulged in a yummy dinner at A Cote... and then I handily kicked my husband's ass on the pool table, four games to one :). (Note: Steve is insisting that I explain that his back has been having spasms, and he was not up to his usual finesse. Uh huh.).

As of today, we've now both officially absconded from the "real" world. We woke up around 8:30... wandered to Rick & Ann's, the neighborhood hot spot for breakfast... skipped spin class (reference earlier paragraph), came home and set up my new gmail calendar. Unfortunately I didn't factor in that my first day home is also the day my housekeeper comes, and it's raining, again :(, so my husband and I are hunkered down with our dog in the upstairs office. He's already destroyed a new toy... the dog, that is... jury is still out on whether the husband will follow suit.

While we don't yet have an answer to the "Now what?" question, I feel like we're getting warmer. Literally. We've been doing a lot of drinking and talking - don't you know the best marital discussions always involve a bottle of wine? We're investigating some very interesting options, particularly those in our favorite warm, spicy, tasty, sunny, rum-filled locale.

Our original plan to buy a second house in Berkeley has likely been put on the shelf. You might think this is due to the cold rain that just won't stop, despite being well past time for northern california to turn beautiful... and in part you'd be right. You might also suspect it's due in part to Steve's discovery that his back is not as strong as his desire to do the work, and can be defeated by an ancient bougainvillea root system that stretched through the earth's core to reach Tahiti... and again, in part you'd be right.

Being back here in Berkeley is in some ways a little too comfortable. It would be so easy to slip back into our old lives, old habits, old patterns, good friends, and never make a substantive change. I mean, who wants to pack up and start over? Sell the house you worked so hard to find? turned into what you thought would be a 20-year home? In reality, the simple answer is we're ready for a new challenge, and a new place. Why live a "normal" life if you don't have to? As my one friend told me, we owe it to all those who can't afford to do it. It's time to get the machete out, and carve our own path through the jungle.

Now that the decision is made, I'm anxious to get moving. Jump into the breach. Take a leap of faith. Run headlong off the cliff. And as usual, Steve is the voice of calm and reason. Look before we leap, and all that... yada yada. I know he's right, as always, but my impatience knows no bounds. I am too excited at the prospect of completely reinventing our lives, exploring the world and discovering our true purpose. How often do you get to do that? Well, I guess we each did it once before, when we moved out to SF in the first place ten years ago... which means we're way overdue for another shake-up. Risk nothing, lose everything.

In the meantime, we are in fact enjoying being back in the Bay Area. We had a great time on Saturday at our friends' co-ed baby shower in the city (they're expecting twins). We got to see wonderful friends, enjoy a phenomenal meal and partake in crazy games I've never seen before, like "pin the baby on the boobie." Lucky for my friend, that one involved an artistic representation. Alas, having such a good time on Saturday night precluded us from making it to another friend's BBQ on Sunday.

Now that I'm no longer a cog, I plan to be far more diligent in my blog updates. I admit, inspiration hasn't been as readily available as it was in the Caribbean. I mean, anyone who has been diving in Northern California knows the pictures would be dark blurry blobs at best... assuming your fingers could even function in those thick gloves. But I'm working on it...

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